SEPLA is a nonprofit organization formed with the specific objective of providing training and networking opportunities that create an environment conducive to open communications between law enforcement officers, educators, students, parents, and the community.

The overall purpose is to help schools, law enforcement agencies, school administrators and communities learn to work together and gain expertise in the area of implementing and managing school safety programs. Instruction focuses on the latest innovations, techniques and procedures for establishing, conducting and administering the school liaison program.

Wednesday is designated as Educator’s Day. The focus of this day is to provide an opportunity for school officials to benefit from SEPLA Conference experience. The cost for the day is $125, and covers lunch, breaks and materials for the day. It is our hope that this experience will provide school officials with valuable resources as we work together in protecting Michigan’s children and schools.

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend an exceptional program planned around current issues and challenges faced by schools and communities of all sizes. Registration is available for the 2022 Conference and forms are available on the conference page. The conference will held in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan at the Comfort Inn & Suites Conference Center. The fee for the full conference is $375.00 and includes classes, student materials, breaks and some meals. If the attendee wishes to attend two days of the conference, they can be accommodated on a limited basis at a cost of $250.00.